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On June 25, 2014, Congressmember and Tea Party Advocate Andy Harris (R-MD) - seen standing in photo - introduced an amendment to the budget of the District of Columbia striking down DC's new Marijuana Decriminalization law. How was Rep. Harris able to commit this undemocratic act?  The DC budget, made up of locally collected funds from DC residents and passed by DC's democratically elected legislative Council and signed by our democratically elected Mayor is the only local budget in the United States that has to go to the U.S. Congress for a 30 day review and DC are the only local laws in the US that must be subjected to a 60 day review by the U.S. Congress!


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DC Statehood Supporters got a fantastic response from the huge crowd that attended the 39th Capital Pride Parade on Saturday, June 7, 2014!  The crowd, estimated at 250,000, gave overwhelming support to the "Free DC - Statehood Now", "DC Statehood Yes We Can " signs and of "What Do We Want - Statehood NOW" chants of the marchers.

The marchers were Senator Michael Brown (D-DC), members from Stand Up! for Democracy in DC (Free DC); DC Statehood Coalition, DC Statehood Yes We Can, DC Vote, DC for Democracy all who strongly delivered one message - "DC Statehood NOW"!

It was a fantastic - inspirational day!!!!!!

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DC Statehood Fact Sheet

Download this Fact Sheet and use it whenever you discuss or study why we should have statehood here in Washington, Banneker City, New Columbia, Potomac or whatever you may want to call our city-state.

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