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by Mike DeBonis - July 21, 2014

With fewer than a dozen words Monday, President Barack Obama made his most definitive statement to date in favor of District statehood, delighting both loyal supporters and longtime advocates who have questioned his commitment to D.C. voting rights.

During a town hall-style event at a public school in Northwest Washington, Obama was asked about his opinion on statehood — something that has been the ultimate but elusive goal of voting-rights activists for four decades.

“I’m in D.C., so I’m for it,” Obama said to laughter and applause, according to a White House transcript.

07/15/14 - by Harold Hunter
     The summer youth at FACTS, INC.  participated in a field trip that allowed complete concentration on D.C. Statehood.   Although the youth did not do any lobbying, they participated in the viewing of the gallery, civil war memorial and a visit at the famous Ben's Chilli Bowl. 
Free District ‘C’ and Me, by D Edwards ©
Movement empowered, struggling again, 
Wakening non-obvious paths, to say when. 

Planned patterns cyclical and methodical,
Macro paths leading to where, last saw you,
Again, and again.
Love what I see woman, movements from within.

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