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Recently, President of the Greater Washington, DC Chapter of the National Action Network, Nia 2X interviewed Stand Up!/Free DC Executive Director, Anise Jenkins, on the hot topic of DC Statehood (what else?).  Hear the latest information on DC Statehood and also learn some DC Statehood Movement history.  Please click here:  Thank you, Nia, for your support and the long-time support of Reverend Al Shaprton for DC Statehood.

Because of continued pressure by DC elected officials and activists, the DNC has support for "DC Statehood" back in its platform!

"Restoring our democracy also means finally passing statehood for the District of Columbia, so that the American citizens who reside in the nation's capital have full and equal congressional rights as well as the right to have the laws and budget of their local government respected without congressional interference," the Democratic platform reads.

The National Green Party has traditionally been a strong supporter of Statehood for the District of Columbia.

DC Statehood Fact Sheet

Download this Fact Sheet and use it whenever you discuss or study why we should have statehood here in Washington, Banneker City, New Columbia, Potomac or whatever you may want to call our city-state.

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