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In a farewell speech delivered at Dunbar High School — his alma mater — on Wednesday evening, Mayor Vincent Gray gave an impassioned and at times exhaustive defense of his four years in office, saying that at the end of his tenure the city is "stronger today than at any moment in our history."

In the written copy of the speech — which was accompanied by the launching of new website and 72-page report detailing the accomplishments of his administration — Gray studiously avoided any mention of the federal investigation that hung over his four years in office, opting instead to detail what he said were gains in areas from fiscal discipline and economic development to education and affordable housing.


Gray concluded his farewell speech by thanking his administration and the residents of the District, and, as he often did during his four-year term, pondered of the future of the city — as a state.

"Given the progress we have made in just the past few years, it is clearer to me than ever that our potential is boundless. And if we stay committed, not only can we become the One City of which I dream, but we can also become be the 51st state of the United States of America!" he said.

Gray will appear on WAMU 88.5's The Politics Hour on Friday at noon.

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Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition (Free DC) Calls for Congress to Respect DC Marijuana Initiative; Says Only Statehood Can Prevent Interference in Local Affairs

            The Stand Up! for Democracy in DC Coalition (Free DC) today demanded that Congress back off from threats to overrule the District of Columbia’s recent voter initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use, a measure that received overwhelming support by DC voters in last November’s election.


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